Everyday Alchemy is the name I give to all the ordinary miracles that take place everyday and yet usually go un-noticed. It’s a celebration of the little things that get us through the day-to-day. It’s a quiet celebration of the small stuff.

If you see or read something you like, please do leave me a message. Making contact is a lovely thing!

twitter @hattyrichmond

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fortunate am I to have come across the lovely emerging voice of Ms Hatty Richmond. Such creative personal expression has far, far to go . . . and ‘the way’, I presume, shall always show itself to she.

    There are no such things in this world as a coincidence . . . that hangout called Status Stories has brought together quite a merry band . . . and the Encourage shall e’er be to see this lovely lady soar where her words speak her to take them.

    Blessings Be.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate … believing in believers
    AT THE BIJOU and beyond

  2. harmonywriter said:

    Hello Hatty I am new writer and I was wondering if you could take a look at my blog and give me some pointers please .

    • Of course! I just clicked on your blog address and it’s saying it’s been deleted. Let me know where I can find it – looking forward to reading your work!

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