You’re cold and unresponsive. You don’t even turn over when I try, gently, to coax some life into you. I don’t blame you – the past months must feel like neglect.

I smooth the smudges of dirt from your body; there isn’t much but its a small thing I can do for now, to show I care.
I reach for the resuscitation machine: plug it in; hook you up. I am hoping to wake the dead.

An hour later, I press the button that lets the sunlight in. The first really beautiful day of the year is there to greet us. With care, I separate you from your energy and tidy you up. Fingers crossed tightly behind my back, we try again and, in one flick that send my spirits skyward, you ROAR into life!

I had forgotten the depth of that vibration as it resonates in my chest, suffusing my body with a deep sense of calm. I swing onto your neat little back and we take off, blowing the winter cobwebs from us both. We take in all our favourite countryside routes, getting to know the curves and contours ready for another year. You’re silent again, just for a moment, when we stop to appreciate the brand new signs of spring.

You always did attract the admiring looks, Electra. Quite the centre of attention.