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This short is about someone trying to express feelings for their loved one, with some clarity of truth. It also has an element of consciousness; the writer knows they are writing rather than speaking, and what’s more explains why. First version first posted on FB’s Status Stories – more original material coming soon!

I remember when I saw you first. On the phone I was, in the corridor at Barbara’s party. You rang the bell; I answered and was temporarily rendered speechless by the sight of your face. Peter thought I’d cut him off.

Later, after plots were schemed and matches made we had our first date; second time lucky if I remember right, after you’d bumped me for a likelier choice. Then I went on holiday.

I think I knew then that I loved you. In just a week I missed you so and it was to you, not home, that I hurried, as soon as the plane landed.

Now, years have passed, and every day I love you more. Every day you surprise me with another dimension; every challenge you navigate with greater skill.

You know, don’t you, that sometimes I find it hard to speak. Sometimes my mouth can’t form the words. Here you have it then, in the best way I know how. I look to the future with hope, taking nothing for granted.