Ok – so here’s the partner piece to ‘Emancipation’. I was very much trying to stick to the rules of the ultra-short flash genre, which I believe is called a ‘drabble’. Anyway, its 100 words or under. This breaks the rules by 3!

“See you tonight, darling” he called as he disappeared out of the door, car keys in hand, coat over his arm.

She walked through to the hall to reply, wiping washing-up-wet hands on her jeans, but by the time she got there she was speaking to an empty house.

Her day unfolded with its usual nonchalance: a morning tucked away in the home-office; some desultory vacuuming; her dutiful hour in the local pool.

When she woke the next day and he still wasn’t back, she registered no surprise. She’d already found his wedding ring in the drawer where his passport should have been.