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This is one of my first-ever Shorts from a little while back. It’s a special one for me really because of what was happening when I wrote it. It’s a true story, dedicated to Katie and Fiona. I hope you like it.

7, nearly 8 hours on the road and we’re here. We’re other-worldly and wobbly-kneed; light-headed and loose-tongued. Time in confinement does that.

En route, we’d stopped for coffee, giggly and girly round the machine, talking to it as it frothed forth. The man at the counter appraised us critically, saying nothing.

We’re staying with this wonderful woman, joyful and beautiful with light in her eyes and love in her heart. She has welcomed us in, fed us, cared for us. She’s wishing us well for the task ahead.

This is more than a road trip. We’re doing it for healing, we’re doing it for the future. Tomorrow we’ll walk in the scenes that we’ll write, creating destiny with every step.