I was thinking about the fact that everyone has their own approaches to expressing love and perhaps the way we can all feel more appreciated is by understanding the ‘love language’ of the people who care for us. It may not match our own, but it’s their way of showing us how they feel and therefore something to be cherished. This inspired the following Short, first posted on Facebook’s Status Stories.


She breaks the eggs, one at a time, separating yolk from white, taking care to avoid contamination.

The melted mix of butter and chocolate is cool enough and she adds it, bit by bit, to the pale creamy blend of yolks and vanilla scented sugar.

A little flour, some ground pecans and stiff, whisked whites are folded in, retaining air.

At 180c, the oven performs its mundane every-day alchemy. She waits, and watches.

Later, another blend of chocolate and butter with syrup to bind. It’s smoothed on the surface, a finish like glass.

Now, it waits: solid and still in splendid silence, enticing him in with its dark and fragrant depths.